Graphic Design Festival Breda

Introducing Current Characters
Meet contemporary creatives that allow you to see the world differently. Every two years we offer an extensive program in the city centre of Breda and have several projects travelling around Europe. Young talented designers, established names, current issues and inspiring designs are highlighted in exhibitions, talks, tours and workshops.

The iconic designer

Graphic designers influence our daily life. From advertising, websites and packaging: designers create it all. What is their attitude during the design process? Why do they make what they make? Which roles characterise them? These questions are asked during the festival. During this edition, the role of the designer is more important than ever! That’s why this year’s topic is “Introducing Current Characters”.

Designer stories

With a dynamic festival programme GDFB introduces leading current (and future) ‘characters’ of graphic design. With inspiring lectures, creative workshops, surprising tours, exhibitions and presentations at both galleries and in public space, visitors experience how a new generation of graphic designers handle design, illustration, motion graphics, data visualisation, typography and visual storytelling. Also, the festival pays attention to the four possible ‘roles’ of the graphic designer: Author, Journalist, Scientist and Disruptor. Each role requires a different way of thinking and working. The author depicts and reflects on every day life, the journalist gives an insight into ‘the news’, the scientist analyses, depicts and shares complex information and the disruptor encourages debate by confronting the beholder with an ‘in your face’ visualisation of high-profile topics.

International platform

Graphic Design Festival Breda likes to support and stimulate all developments in the field of graphic design, working together with partners who share the same vision and goals. Since the first edition in 2008 the festival developed into the international platform it is today. Now, several GDFB-exhibitions travel to other countries, museums, galleries and festivals. Our goal has been to strengthen and stabilise this position. Graphic Design Festival Breda is very proud to have built a loyal and committed fan base of friends and ambassadors, who we have gotten to know better and better over the past five years. The festival inspires and confronts over 15.000 visitors and 100.000 passers-by and reaches 50.000 ‘friends’ online on a weekly basis.